Free Parking

TravelCar provides free airport parking and helps you earn money by renting our your car to other trusted travelers while you're away.


Reserve a free parking spot


on the website or via the TravelCar mobile app.

TravelCar rents out your car


to a trusted and verified client. Your car is fully insured against theft and



Drop your car off at the parking lot

and enjoy a free shuttle to your departure terminal.

If your car is rented,


you earn money based on the miles driven.


If your car is not rented,

your  parking is still free.


Our agents handle all the details of the rental including verifying the identity of the driver, rental

contracts, and bumper-to- bumper digital inspection report at pick up and drop off.

A turnkey solution


Available 24/7

Cars rented with TravelCar are covered by our $1 million liability insurance policy as well as covered

against theft and damage. Customer support is available 24/7

Complete digital inspection report

Insurance against theft or damage

I enjoyed my experience with TravelCar. The process was very easy and it was super nice to not have to pay for airport parking.

I am beyond amazed at this service. I bring my car to TravelCar, they snap photos of my car and upload them online, they call Lyft to take me to the airport, 



Very Good Service, it was my first time to do that, and I'm very happy!



Heather P.


TravelCar, the leader in car-sharing among travelers, is available at Los Angeles airport (LAX) and San Francisco airport (SFO) offering free parking solutions at airports.

You can book your free parking at the airports of Los Angeles and San Francisco and book your parking space close to the airports, too.

TravelCar offers an innovative solution for all travelers: a car-sharing service for travelers.

While you’re away, TravelCar offers to rent your car which is fully insured against theft or damage with our insurance partner. When an airport transfer is necessary, our free service will transfer you to your departure terminal. All you need to do is reserve your free parking space and TravelCar handles the rest. Even if your car is not rented, you still benefit from free parking.

If your car is rented, you earn money based on the make and model of your car and number of miles driven.

To avoid paying parking during his vacation, Paul parks his car for free with TravelCar. We rent it to Joe, who is looking for a car near the airport to use during his travels.

Paul enjoys free, secure parking close to home. He will receive compensation for each mile driven. Joe take advantage of a rental 40 to 70% less than traditional car rental agencies.

The TravelCar customer service is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

TravelCar acts as a trusted third party to accompany you at all stages of your departure and even offers a rental service.

For rent, the car is insured against theft and damage with our insurance partner. A detailed bumper-to-bumper inspection report with time-stamped photographs is done at rental pick up and drop off.

The identity of the car owner, ownership of the vehicles and car renter are all verified.

Park your car for free at the airport when you agree your car can be rented out to another trusted and verified TravelCar client.